Families without Fear

The Families without Fear (FwF) program provides a confidential and supportive environment for people who would like to improve how they interact with their partners and families where there has been violence, control and/or abuse involved.

What does the program involve?

The FwF program has two entry pathways.  The first of these is mandated, in which participants are required by the courts to attend.  The second is voluntary.  FwF operates in both group and individual formats. The group program, runs two nights a week for 13 weeks. and Individual counselling generally occurs face-to-face, and is 10 sessions (although may vary based on individual needs identified). Telephone and/or internet counselling is also available to participants who are unable to access counselling onsite at all times due to individual circumstances, such as fly in fly out workers. It is a requirement that participants are able to attend at least one counselling session in person per month however.

Eligible participants will also be required to attend an interview in person to assess whether the program is appropriate for them.

Who is eligible?

Men and Women who:

  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Will agree to attend counselling without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Give permission for Communicare employees to contact their current and/or previous partners to offer support and referral to other relevant services; and to provide these contact details to staff. No information will be passed onto their partner. They will be notified that they are involved in a program but full confidentiality will be maintained unless a safety risk for themselves, their partner or their family is perceived. In this case, relevant agencies and individuals will be contacted so that support can be provided and safety maintained.
  • Want to address their behaviours.

Is there a cost?

FwF community based (non-mandated) services are fee paying.  Pricing is as listed below.

Assessment (1.5hrs, including report)                            $424.60

Group Sessions (2hrs, twice a week)                              $65 per session ($55 concession)

Individual Sessions (50minutes)                                      $80 per session ($60 concession)

Telephone/Internet                                                              $80 per session (60 concession)

Progress Report                                                                   $120

Completion Report                                                              $160

Non-Completion Report                                                     $120

As Communicare strives to ensure that all individuals have access to services it may be possible to negotiate the fee for individual sessions. This will be at the discretion of program staff.  Assessment and report pricing is non-negotiable.

What are the objectives of the program?

The Families Without Fear program contains a variety of information, skills and knowledge that can help people understand and improve their intimate and family relationships. Some of these include:

  • How to manage emotions in a constructive and useful way.
  • How to have a disagreement without using aggression.
  • How to manage yourself when faced with other people's aggression without making the situation worse.
  • How to really listen and be a supportive partner.
  • How to see unsafe situations and make choices to prevent and/or lessen the impact of these.
  • How to deal with knowing we have hurt people we care about.
  • How to work on yourself and become a happier, healthier person and partner.

Where Is FwF offered?

FwF is offered at one of Communicare’s locations in Perth, Armadale or Rockingham. The program is offered on an individual basis in Kwinana and Geraldton. Enquire with Communicare to find out more.

How do I join?

Contact Communicare FwF on:

Kwinana: (08) 9439 5517

Geraldton: (08) 9965 3250

If you are eligible for the program you will be asked to make an appointment to come in for an interview to assess whether the Families without Fear program is appropriate for you.


Download the Families without Fear Flyer

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