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  • Cultural Services

    Our objective is to provide practical support to humanitarian entrants and indigenous Australians to strengthen their ability to fully participate in the economic and social way of life in Australia; to build a sense of belonging for everyone.

Cultural Services

Our Cultural Services community programs are designed to strengthen culturally and linguistically diverse and indigenous individuals and families in our community and help them grow. 


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Individually tailored intensive support for newly-arrived humanitarian entrants upon their arrival and throughout their initial settlement period.
Burmese Family in Mandalay Resized
Provide a range of services to newly arrived refugee and humanitarian entrants to begin their new lives in Australia and become active members of the community as soon as possible.
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A Global Workforce
A capacity building program to assist skilled migrants seek out and gain employment and; increase workforce participation in their area of traiing and qualification.
GAP Multicultural Swimming
A program designed to support all children and young people to access sport and active recreation opportunities within their local community. The program also works collaboratively with sports deliverers to build their capacity to provide inclusive sporting environments and increase the participation amongst the culturally and linguistically diverse, the indigenous and anyone else needing help at their clubs.

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