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  • Employment Services

    We're dedicated to connecting the right people to the right job. We're committed to enabling job seekers to achieve sustainable employment goals and are focused on providing employers with tailored solutions for their employment needs.

Employment Services

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jobactive for Job Seekers

We aim to provide guidance and support through mentoring and preparing our clients for employment.

Each client gets assigned an Employment Consultant at one of our many offices around Perth.


 Transition to Work (Employment Services for Young People)

Our program offers a customised service helping young people with vocational skills development, training and career advice.  

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 Community Initiatives (Work for the Dole)

The purpose of this program is to help job seekers get back into the routine of work, whilst developing basic work skills in an encouraging environment.

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 Psychological Services for Job Seekers

We offer Psychological services for those accessing the Job services Australia network. These services assist our staff to find suitable employment for Job Seekers .

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 Employment Services For Employers

We strive to help local contributors to easily match their needs with the workforce. This is achieved through our experience business development consultants who offer a range of professional services.

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Work For the Dole Coordination

Work for the Dole Coordinators work on identifying appropriate suitable activities for job seekers.

Additionally they work alongside Job active providers to match job seekers to activities.

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Contact Us

If you have any further enquiries regarding our employement services programs, please do no hesitate to contact us.

For a full list of our service contacts please click here.

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