Employment Services - jobactive for Job Seekers

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As a jobactive provider, our goal is to give job seekers the support, assistance and mentoring needed to prepare them for employment, to find employment quickly and to remain in employment.

Whether you are recently unemployed, long-term unemployed, indigenous, migrant, youth, mature age, struggling with addictions or homeless; we can support your desire to get ahead in life and find sustainable and fulfilling employment.

We provide:

  • Nine full time offices, located north and south of the river
  • Opening hours of Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Modern, safe facilities in close proximity to Centrelink
  • Easy access to public transport, parking and disability access

With your very own Employment Consustant working to assist you to coordinate your jobactive services, along with a team of employment specialists, we are committed to working with you to achive your employment objectives. 

Read our Service Delivery Plan for Job Seekers and our Job Seeker Information Sheet for further details.


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