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  • Education Services

    We seek to engage young people and aim to empower them by providing an educational experience that will challenge and inspire.

Education & Training

Our Education Services operate the Communicare Academy which aims to empower marginalised young people by providing them with alternative education within the curriculum and re-engagement (CaRE) school model of learning; ensuring they receive the support they need to develop into adulthood but to also recognise and reach their full potential.

Our Training Services operate the Communicare Training Institute who focus on providing a range of courses to advance psychology as a discipline and profession.

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From our purpose-built facility, every day we play an integral role in assisting disadvantaged young people with their personal development to successfully remain engaged or be re-engaged with the continuance of their studies or transition into training opportunites or employment to improve their ability to make positive life choices.

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Provides a range of psychology specialist training and professional development courses for people working within the community services and government sectors. Training packages are designed with professionals in mind with courses spanning the areas of professional development, personal development, parent development and psychology specific.



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