Partnerships for Family Safety

daughter hugging mumCommunicare Partnerships for Family Safety (PFS) is a support and referral service attached to Communicare’s domestic violence services.

Communicare PFS aims to support the partners, ex-partners and other family members affected by the actions of individuals involved in Communicare’s Breathing Space and Families without Fear domestic violence programs.

How can Communicare PFS help?

Communicare PFS can provide the following:

  • Ongoing phone support
  • Information
  • Safety planning
  • Referral to appropriate women’s services for advocacy, case management and support
  • Referral to specialist counselling, including DV and children’s counselling
  • Support with accessing victim services.

What does the service involve?

Communicare PFS has partnerships with four specialist women’s services throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

When a participant enters a Communicare domestic violence program, their partner is contacted by a PFS worker. The partner is asked for consent so that their information can be passed onto one of these women’s services. Each service then works with the remaining family members to provide support and services as required.

Any concerns or immediate risks that arise in this time are relayed back to the concerned Communicare domestic violence program by the PFS Worker and actions are initiated. General support is also provided to the partner as needed.


Funded by the Department for Child Protection

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